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Sales & City Recruitment


“……the academic knowledge to do a job, but no experience to prove you can do it!” Mr Yan

Chamäleon identifies the needs and requirements of all its Clients. To best understand any Clients needs, any recruitment agency which undertakes to attract and fill placements, must have an understanding of the jobs roles involved.

The benefit to all our Clients is that each and every one of our consultants have operated in either City and/or Sales environments for considerable periods of time, and as a team have great experience in varying industry and market sectors.

Chamäleon’s focus is on the niche element of its business - ‘the personal touch'! We concentrate on our Clients needs and requirements. We know what the Client is looking for and we ensure we meet their requirements.

If you are interested in the recruitment services Chamäleon can offer you, please enter your details on our Call Back Service and we will be in touch.